Should I snapchat my ex back, is he reaching out to me?

To cut a long story short! I was going out with a guy (I'm a guy btw). We were great, did long distance relationship for half our relationship. One day out of the blue he broke up with me via text (even though the day before we had a normal convo and he said i love you etc. Went emotionally off the rails and drove down to see him with flowers. both heartbroken... He deleted me off snapchat. Then after about 22 days i said lets be friends... He ignored most things i sent. Then I sent some sexual stuff over snapchat then suddenly BAM he replies with sexual stuff back. (But ultimately ignored me when i tried to start normal conversations). He ignored my just small nice gestures of saying merry Christmas etc and was rude to me. He would do this thing where he would read my snapchat, save it, and then not reply. Eventually I had enough and got the message and haven't spoken to him since because I realised my errors and he was just using me for cyber sex every now and then... Suddenly recently I've been getting snapchats from him weekly of him nude saying "Whos about for fun" etc... (as if he's sending it to loads of people but blatantly just me).. Every time he does it, it gives me a mini heart attack because I was genuinely heartbroken after we split. Now I can't bring myself to do it and I just ignore it. I mean, if he wanted to get back with me he would start a normal conversation with me right? So he can't be missing me and reaching out to me can he? I'd love to reply to him but I'm terrified he will just ignore me afterwards like before.


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  • Dude, sorry to tell you this but you need to forget him. From what you have said he has shown little to no emotional connection, which seems to be what you are wanting from him. He's not fulfilling your needs and it sounds like he is only concerned with his own, which are different to yours.


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