Should I let him apologize to the woman who almost broke us apart?


So after finding out my boyfriend was flirting with his co worker who is definitely not into him I forgave him and gave him one last chance, we been in good terms since then we are talking about moving in together etc but now that he has returned back to work and the girl he was flirting with doesn't speak to him, he wants to apologize to her because he doesn't want other people in other departments to think something happened between them etc. Is it ok for him to apologize to the woman who cause him to lose me? To the woman who destroy his ego? I feel that he really likes her and wants to talk to her maybe he gets another chance with her what do u guys think? Should I let him apologize to her and see that happens or should I just end things since he had the guts to break my heart, made me feel like I wasn't worth anything that I wasn't enough for him and now he wants to apologize to the woman who caused that?


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  • No, apologizing is unnecessary. You go to work to make money, not friends. He is only interested in reestablishing some sort of friendship with her which will only become another conflict with you again someday.

    • Exactly then when I got mad he started screaming and saying I'm insecure but why am I insecure because he was flirting with that girl !!! So of course now I'm going to worry about what he's doing since he's willing to talk to her again. I told him I hope she makes him happy since it seems as he's choosing her after hurting me.

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    • So what's your opinion now?

    • Sounds like you have been through a lot. For sure he should be by your side even more than before. So there is still something that is pushing him away. I think maybe he got a pregnancy scare from what happened, plus the surgery and recovery time he is losing interest or is thinking maintaining a relationship with you starting to turn into work. He may be thinking this other girl is easier to deal with and maybe more fun? I agree you are justified in being upset, in addition to tired and sore from what happened. But I think he is being a bit of a dick here and running from you because of all that. So again, maybe you need to try harder to make him see that you are over what happened, still positive, fun and beautiful. In the end, you cannot make him like or love you. All you can do is be the best person you can be. If that isn't enough for him, then hold your head up high and be proud knowing you did your best and its his problem. Maybe time to move on?

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  • I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but I think you need to end it with him. He'll just keep hurting you and try to manipulate you. He should be apologizing to YOU not her, why would he even need to apologize to her?
    He sounds like my ex Kameron- a manipulative player who wants to keep his dick wet.
    Good luck x

    • Exactly he says that I'll be happy when he quit his job and that's not the case because I'm sure he'll find someone else to flirt with everywhere he goes and after him telling me that all he wanted to do was apologize to her and it she takes it good if she doesn't oh well meaning if she takes the apology he might have another try at that and I hate to be with someone who I can't trust I really love him and was looking forward to building a family with him but after this I don't think he's even worth me saying hello to him after he hurt me and continues to hurt me and expect me to be ok the next day.

    • Of course, you meed to be able to trust him and unfortunately you can't. It's really hard, and it hurts, but leaving will be bet for you, trust me.
      I was the same with Kameron, he'd even mentioned us getting engaged and then in a split second be flirting with his exes.
      You seem like a smart, nice person, you'll find someone else who'll treat you right. :)

    • yeah i found out he was going to propose but honestly if he doesn't change i don't want it because he's the type of men he'll act up do things that will upset me and then he expect me to be fine with it the next day ! i forgave him for forgetting my birthday, for not being there during my surgery ( i had an ectopic pregnancy ) then the flirt with that girl and now he's trying to apologize to her because he doesn't want things to be awkward and i bet the moment he talks to her he's going to blame me and put me in the middle so I don't know right now I'm so angry that i don't want to see him or talk to him.. enough is enough

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  • He's worried about apologizing to her after he wronged you. It's hard to say really I go by how I feel in tough situations... your on here asking a question that's obviously bothering you so that should say volumes. A guy should make you feel safe not insecure.

    • I know then he'll say I'm insecure etc knowing that he's the one who's wrong he only see my reactions but never what he does to make me react that way. I am so confused right now

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    • Yep you answered your own question lol a guy should always listen and always court his woman. When you stop talking he starts to care. That says everything right there...

      Now you just have to weather the storm he's going to try everything saying everything to get you to stay but he will take you for granted again. Don't burn bridges though. Never burn bridges lol

    • Very true ! Only time will tell n heal

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  • He almost broke you apart not her. He's the one who is supposed to be committed to you. He will no doubt do it again.

    • I know but is it ok for him to apologize to her?

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    • You'll see he'll do it again. If not with her, with someone else.

    • I know. Thanks

  • Egos are meant to be stripped away.

    This guy doesn't sound like he is in love with you. Might be best to move on.


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