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My relationship is dead. My boyfriend and I constantly fight and he constantly puts me down , recently I found other females in his Instagram search bar and honestly tired of being in a relationship but I'm so deep into the relationship. I moved in with him and everything, my mail comes to his house and I feel like if we broke up I would just be so stuck also his mom takes me to school every morning on the other side of the city so I would have to change my schools back and everything plus he never lets me leave him but at the same time he puts me down and we constantly argue


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  • You have to ask yourself how long don't out want to live like that? You obviously have identified the problem, specifically with your relationship.

    Change will occur when staying the same is more painful than the pain of change. To you, change is more painful than staying in this situation you claim to dislike. At some point you're going to get tired of being treated like a possession and actually DO something about it, regardless how hurtful that change is.

    This is a classic reason NOT to move in with a boyfriend before you're married.


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  • Think about what you're saying, you'll stay in a bad relationship just to use the guy for accommodation and it would be a hassle to breakup? Is that really respectful? Does that show any integrity? Maybe you don't care about those things, but it's ridiculous to stay with someone for such reasons.

    • Not only that but he threatens me a lot and manipulates me

    • If you accept that kind of behaviour and allow him to treat you that way, why would he think of treating you any different? That's an abusive relationship and if you have half-a-brain or a shred of self-respect you will pack your things and be grateful you can stay with your mum. Stay away from him.

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  • Yeah the relationship is a very toxic relationship. I am sorry to hear this. I get sad hearing about people who are experiencing this. I have been in similar situations, so the advice I give comes from the heart and is something I do take very seriously. I do think that you should of never moved in with him. No matter how much you felt in love with the guy or no matter how much he was telling you what you want to hear. You never got to know his character or who he really was. You are really young, and should be focused on your goals not dealing with a guy who constantly puts you down and makes you feel bad about yourself. It will hard to move on but you can do it, you may even find yourself thinking about him and maybe making excuses for him but the bottom line is that you should feel 100% comfortable with whoever you are dating. And not feel like you should hide your feelings or feel scared because you may anger him. Get away from him while he can, you are young and do not need any dead weight. It will takes its toil on you mentally and physically.


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