If you had a chance to be with someone you thought was your soulmate n they had mature a lot but you both were dating new people what would u do?

so we spoke and she told me she realise her parents were the main reason we didn't work out. and says since her mom passed away she realize she can't let her family control her life or who she dates. my ex says she feels this was a talk we need to have Because always regret how she handled things. i was really surprised to hear this we don't really talk any more now


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  • I wouldn't go back to an ex. They're an ex for a reason. Don't forget that. The reasons are still there even if her mom is dead.

    • it not just that her mom is died the main reason it didn't work out was all her parent's, everything problem we had was her parents to the point i feel we never had a real relationship to begin with. we never were even allowed to leave her house n that's 2 young aduits in their 20's

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