Why does she do this?

So long story short me and my ex had a bad falling out. Now I don't like to be bad terms with my ex's so I at least try and work it out to at least be friends or n good standings. Well as I try talking to her she says things like I'm annoying her and things aren't ever going to be good between is. So I'll stop talking to her for the moment and then when I text her later on she replies right away. Now why I'm confused is that if she really ment that I was bothering her and that things would never get better she could easily block me and in fact she threatened several times to do so but never has. Basically I'm wondering is she just putting up a front because are bad break up or she actually means those things?


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  • she is obviously confused. that being said i wouldn't keep putting myself out there unless she was willing to be a little more consistent.


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  • My questions is why do you still care? If someone said that to me, I would have the self respect to stop reaching out to them. You don't need to be friends with an ex.

    • Well the reason I keep reaching out to her is that we go to the same community college and therefore have some common friends. From what they told me is that they don't feel comfortable hanging out with either of us because they feel guilty that the other one cannot hang out also. Besides that it just how I always handle things with my ex's. I don't have to be friends with them just in good standings but I understand were your coming from.

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