Girls, I really would like your help. Can you tell me if this guy is the most attractive guy you have ever seen?

Okay, I was talking to this guy, and he and I matched on many levels but I don't feel as confident as I used to in the looks department. I know I liked this guy because of who he is and that we were very compatible on lots of levels and how sweet he was, but when we stopped talking due to my own personal reasons I can not stop thinking about him every day. I know I feel so attracted to him because of who he is but also to me I think he is like the cutest, most attractive guy to me and I don't know if it is just because he is attractive to everyone or if I find him attractive because I know who he is. What is your opinion?
I guess I just want to know if he is extremely attractive to everyone
Or if he isn't, how attractive may he be to you?


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  • Nope he is not

    • Thank you. So you really don't think he is just the most attractive man you have seen or extremely attractive?

    • Yep, don't mean to sound harsh, but I've seen a guy who basically could be a model but is so cute and shy, he's very good looking

    • It's okay, it's not me, I am just wondering if everyone thinks he is so amazing like I do. He does look like he can be a model to me, he is more attractive then like many other guys or all or them to me. Thank you.

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