Have you ever lost someone who loved you a lot? by mean an asshole/bitch to them?

Have you ever lost a boyfriend or girlfriend that never woulda given up on you but you behaved so bad that they cut you off completely after months of mistreatment.

My female friend dumped him, led him on, dumped him again after you provoked jealously by grinding and going on a date with another dude. Then was all over her ex again and after a couple of months "dating" she dumped him again telling him that she realized didn't want anything to do with him romantically, she sat down and told him he was no longer interesting to her, and told him that she doesn't like how he behaves with the money cuz he doesn't buy her stuff (the guy had a crappy job back then and was surviving) .. anyways, my female friend weeks after she pulled that bullshit off she started stalking him and hitting him up and she was surprised that this time didn't get ANY response from him, just seen messages and god deleted from social media.

She seems surprised and just keeps saying shit like "the fact that i dont want him to be my boyfriend doesn't mean we can't be friends, i love him and care" .. I told her that THAT is no love, the way she treated him is not love and she had it coming. She seems kinda jealous cuz she stalks him and he seems happy and all that. But i dont understand, maybe she is sick in the head.

But Im pretty sure she isn't the only one in that situation, have you ever been through something similar?


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  • I know people like this, and there is honestly something "no quite right" with them psychologically-speaking, because they honestly don't seem to comprehend how their behaviour has affected someone in such bad way, but it's about their inability to acknowledge their own wrong behaviour, and they're also emotionally stunted. He's done the right thing to cut her off and end contact. People like that (who are already adults) rarely change such behavior without behavioral treatment.

    • She is 19 but there are 19 years old people out there that behave normal, not like that, like pushing him away and treating him like shit. I'm sure that dude was mad in love (therefore blind) to put up with that crap for almost a year. (because she dumped him and was a year later they started dating).

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    • I cut him off because I was sick of his behaviour, but our situation was more complicated, hence the longer time-frame.

    • ohh okay, thats bad, my female friend and his former boyfriend were together for 3 years before she turned into the demon.

      I dont know what makes people change tho, I hope the girl I'm dating doesn't become a crazy one.

  • yes because i began to push him away and not talk to him because i was self harming and he wanted me to stop so i broke up with him and i've regretted it ever since

    • Damn, did you try to contact him and apologize or just left it like that

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    • At least, i wouldn't have stayed friends with you

    • well you know it's hard to love someone when you don't love yourself. i know i made a mistake but my mental health was deteriorating at that point. i was young and needed space to figure out myself. i know i fucked up god how i know i did the wrong thing.

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