Does my Ex still like me?

So my ex is dating someone now, but he still constantly texts me and tries to talk to me. I show little to no interest until one night he texted me apologizing for being a dick to me. I accepted his apology and it turned into a conversation that lasted 4 hours about EVERYTHING. We talked about us and how we couldn't talk in person because we didn't know how to with each other and about how we missed talking to each other. He said things like 'I dont know why im texting you, i guess it makes up for the time i can't talk to you during the day. I don't know it just makes me feel good', 'It killed me not being able to talk to you' 'i saw you smile at me and it was really nice to see that smile again'. This went on for a week, every night we texted for hours. Towards the end of the week, he started to get flirty. His girlfriend went through his phone and saw our texts but when she asked him he lied and said we dont text ever. She asked me to show her the texts but I thought she knew that we were texting so I showed her and even she said i think he still has feelings for you but I tried to deny it. He apologized to her and they are fine, but we still haven't talked since and I'm so confused. He won't even look at me. It is so sad because we both loved texting each other.


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  • Something very similar happened to me once
    My ex and I had the same experience as you about texting about our relationship and all. We became "friends" after the breakup and I met his girlfriend. We talked about a specific topic with him alone and when confronted by his girlfriend he denied everything. I thought I might still have a chance but that was 3-5 years ago and they're still together. by the way we are still friends and i thought i'd never move on. PHEW!

    • I confessed at some point that I still liked him and he rejected me so I think you should do the same. There is no way to know unless u confront him.

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