How to get over break ups? And should I still text him to clarify things?


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  • some pieces are missing.
    would you please tell us what happened so we can give you a good advice?

    • He was cheating on me, and I found it out, I asked him to see that if he accept his mistake, I could have forgive but he didn't accept that he is cheating on me. So, we had fight and I called him lier and cheater and he got too mad at me and decided to break up.

    • what happened wasn't your fault so don't blame yourself for his aggressive behavior or cheating.
      I know that you still care about him, and you're ready to forgive him at any time he wants... but he may use your kindness against you and continue cheating whether you like it or not.

      you don't need to give him the chance to justify his own fault... so, never text him or explain your feelings to someone who didn't appreciate you or appreciates the relationship between you two.

      just be happy... that person's leaving will relieve a lot of extra weight on your heart, and don't worry... you didn't lost a big part of yourself... you'll find that part when you're ready... it's up to you.

      Good luck...

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  • I am trying to figure it out, I guess we try to learn what we can from them and wish them the best and move on. Sometimes clarifying things can help you feel like you got it off your chest and whatever his response is, is his choice. I hope it goes best for you and just realize you deserve better than someone leaving you, I think true love stays and works through things and if it isn't true love, you deserve true love.


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