How long did it take you to get over someone who you really cared about and how long was the relationship? Do you have any advice/tips?



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  • This is a tough one. Had a girlfriend I broke up with in 2004. We were together for 5 years. I still miss her sometimes. She was the one I let go instead of the one that got away. I should have married her, but hind sight is always 20/20.

    I'm over her I suppose. Since I broke it off I didn't have an issue with getting over her until years later when I realized I made a mistake and I shouldn't have let her go. I only think about her when I'm single. Not sure if it's a biproduct of feeling a little lonely sometimes.

    Typically it takes me around 6 mo to get over someone.


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  • I am still 'recovering' from my last relationship that sadly lasted two months and didn't end because of neither of us.

    advice? cancel them from your social media, do something that keeps your mind occupied, spend more time with your friend, and when you feel comfortable doing so, try to meet new people datable to you


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  • maybe 2 years
    girls mind�� :
    20% - love
    40% - shopping
    35% - makeup
    5% - sex.
    # boys mind�� :
    97% - sex
    1% - whom to have sex.
    1% - where to have sex.
    1% - how to have sex by condom/without.

  • a day. no


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