Should I contact ex boyfriend?

Should i contact my ex?
he was the dumper and i still want him back.. i dont know how he feels
its been two months no contact and he hasn't reached out


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  • if you're single.. yes :)))

    • don't ever listen to that " move on " bullshit
      Don't deny your feelings
      2 months man wow that must have felt like forever

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    • I always hated when people told me to move on.
      Those people aren't in YOUR relationship and they don't understand how you feel, everyone has a different experience.
      " You broke up for a reason " Every relationship has its ups and downs, I hate the typical ass answers you get on here.
      When I chose not to move on, and go back, SHE was brainwashed by the typical " move on shit " so I gave her the speech I'm giving you and now we're really happy together and she always tells me " I was stupid for wanting to move on, it was dumb and I shouldn't deny my feelings "

    • Thanks you, Im so happy someone understands.. i really hope he will come back to me, i miss him like crazy

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  • If you feel like you need to for closure, but be prepared for him to not answer or tell you he has moved on in which case you deserve to move on also. :)

  • Contact him to say what?

  • There is a reason you two broke up


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