Pulled away, but has not broken up, just left me hanging?

Have been going out with my boyfriend almost two years. He started pulling away a couple of months ago. He rarely texts, rings or meets up anymore, sees me maybe once a week now. We no longer send texts saying what we are doing, or how each other are, because I kept texting like normal and would get very short, sharp answers, so have given up on that. He never asks to just catch up for coffee anymore etc. No texts saying he loves me, what am I up to etc. Have asked him twice is everything ok? He says it just stress with work, kids, his ex etc. But he is emotionally distant, does not text to say he misses me or loves me anymore. Even if he was busy and stressed, why would he leave me emotionally hanging, after I said this is hurting me! Feel like he is not interested anymore, and wish he would just man up and say it is over. But he has just disappeared out of my life in so many ways. My gut says he is too coward to break up, but he wants to. At this point, I have taken the - cut him dead approach, and have decided not to text him again. Unless he mans up, I am going to treat him how he treats me, get angry and move on. I am deeply in love with him, but am not going to allow myself to been treated like crap. No one deserves that. What do you think?
We broke up today. Asked him straight out, did not take his wishy washy answers, and finally got it out of him.. Motlral of the story, if it feels like someone is breaking up with you, you are not going crazy - they are.


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  • Is he scared? Have you asked?

    • Maybe the true moral is to approach everything with love. He has given you clear answers as to the stress in his life. You have chosen to make it about yourself rather than, take what he said to you at face value.

  • He might not feel ready yet


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