Should I apologize?

I feel guilty over my recent breakup and I'm wondering if I should apologize. My ex dumped me but I feel guilty about the events that led to it. At the same time I feel he judged me rather harshly and didn't take my feelings into consideration. However, I don't think I can live knowing I may have scared him away with my actions.


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  • It wouldn't hurt to apologize, but don't use it to try to work your way back in. Just say you're sorry, and see how things go. Leave it up to him what he wants to do. Or at least that's my advice.


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  • I think if you need to say something to him, do it. But construct your response carefully. LESS IS MORE. Do not speak or write an essay to him. Get right to the point and then end it on a positive note. If he doesn't want to start things up again, then let it be. There are plenty of fish in the sea.


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