What are some reason's you have dated a ex again?

so i haven't talked to my ex at all in 3 years but happened to run into her at stop&shop her new job. i shop their a lot and she always staring at me which is a bit creepy. she never says hi to me or smiles at me just looks at me if i walk behind her or go pay for my stuff , she will turn around n keep looking at me even when ever she not busy. I don't know what she wants or why she keeps looking at me i stop going to stop&shop even through it the closest store to me. i have always wanted a 2nd chance to date my ex agin just because i was left with so many question. 95% of the reason things didn't work out was because of her parents so am hoping maybe she has mature a lot more and won't let them control us.


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  • If that's the reason maybe you have a shot but yeah I did it once but never lasts

    • yes we never really had a really had a relationship thanks to her parent's.. it was like 2 birds on 1 cage. every other problem we had were very small n are now fixed.

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    • Maybe she thinks you're stalking her or waiting for you to talk to her, not sure. But I'm going now since it's late so see what happens next time

    • yea i said maybe she thinks am stalking her but i don't go to stop&shop anymore now i maybe go once n a blue moon before 2 days ago i haven't been there in a month after she turned around to look at me in a friend. as for waiting for me to talk to her if she wanted to make sure i known this she could have smiled or given me signs. ttyl night tks for your input

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  • wow that's the same exact reason me and my ex broke up. her dad decided she could only be with Asians

  • I only dated an ex once for a short period of time because we had a lot of fun in bed. But it wasn't enough to make up for her other issues, so it didn't last long.

    • what other issues were that?

    • She let her family walk all over her, and most of them were worthless pieces of shit. She did nothing when her adult brother hit her one night while I was at the grocery store.

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