How to get over it?

Last year, I was totally screwed over by a guy. He used me for emotional support and sex for a few months. He then threw me away and told me I wasn't good enough for him. I now see him with this new girl and it hurts. He is nice to her and takes her places. I had to go to counselling after him and my counsellor said he sounds like a narcissist. I was so messed up after and he seems to treat her like gold. It just stings that he treated me so poorly. How do I get over this? Why is my heart still broken over a man who was never that nice to me?


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  • Stay with the counselling I think that's a mature thing to do... all relationships affect us and in different ways too

    • Thanks! He just took a lot out of me. He told me I wasn't good enough to take out. It just hurts to see him showing off his new girlfriend after what he put me through. Why wasn't I good enough?

    • You can't take failure if a relationship so personal people can like each other but be incompatable.. been there a few times... you just have to be more confident in who you are and what you have to offer and if guys don't want that then it's they're choice :) I have had to make some assertive choices like that Bd bow I do t look back

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  • I have been there and it felt like I would never recover. What healed me was focusing on my personal growth and connecting with like-minded people. It reminded me that the world is so much bigger than that one person who didn't appreciate me. If a person treats you like you're nothing, it's a reflection of how they feel about themself and that's their problem, NOT yours. Separate the image of who you thought he was from the person he has shown himself to actually be. The pain will be there for a while but the most important thing is to keep living and moving forward. You will find much better than him. And don't pay attention to his new relationship. He might be putting on a show right now but he's still the same person. If he isn't already, he will do the same thing to her because that is the kind of person he has chosen to be.

    Also, therapy could be very helpful. Talking and getting a clearer understanding of what happened helped me get the closure I needed.


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  • it feels like a similar thing that happened to me with my ex

    • Really? Care to go more into detail?

    • a ver similar thing we had been together for like 3 months, we had gone to visit LA and stayed with my family over winter break. and I thought all of it was going great, then on the first day back of school she was acting weird and she told me she can't be with me cause of her father who lives in Taiwan doesn't approve of an interracial relationship. And just like that she broke things off , but like she's like I want us still to be best friends. I had just told her that when you share a bed for 2 weeks you can't go back.

    • and like I find because I hadn't blocked her off my social media she is with another guy already posting pics of them together.

  • Well I can guarantee that if he treats her like "gold" then he not a narcissist - That's definite. It must be something else.

    • He treats people nicely if he wants something from them.

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    • Wife material to him maybe. He is academically intelligent but has the mentality of someone in his early 20s

    • Well does he fuck right? Because he might just be fucking her right.

  • Is the girl prettier than you?

    • No, I have been told by others that I am prettier too. One guy actually called her a 3 and me a 7. She is 4'10" and has nothing to her. She has the body of a 14 year old.

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    • I have talked to her before. Believe me, I'm more intelligent. She just stood there laughing at everything I said. I have seenthe two of them together a few times too. It's him talking and her just laughing. He doesn't want someone to challenge him. He just wants people to agree with him. His best friend got involved after he started flipping out on me and the friend told me I was the best looking girl his friend had ever been with. He was trying to get him to be nice to me because everyone knew I was really good to him.

    • Then get another guy.
      Why not post your picture on here, so that we can rate you.
      Then you'll know whether people are being nice, or whether you are truly good looking.
      Perhaps, your confidence is too high.
      Or maybe, he just got used to your looks, and he wasn't as attracted to you anymore.

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