Why won't he talk to me?

So long story short me and my boyfriend were together for a year and a half then we split for 6 months due to him moving towns, I met someone else he found out hated it and we ended up getting back together it's been 5 months since then going into a long distance, he said he would move then changed his mind and wanted me to move when I have a job and school to think of, he over the past month has changed he's not himself and has been sending nasty texts everyday if I don't agree with everything he says. I booked a holiday back in December to give us a weekend away but he wouldn't go unless he did it his way and would not compromise, he can't take me out for dinner as he's got into so much into dept with cards maxed and loan, he started drinking heavily, smoking and doing weed. I hardly see him anymore, yesterday I tried ringing him and suggested I went to see him but he kept sending me insulting messages at work to the point I was angry and I ended it, he won't let me pick up my things and said he will post them, I blocked him on social media but he's still messaging me horrible messages, this is such a mess and he's saying he won't forgive me for ended it a second time though by the way he's been acting I feel a little relieved but upset it didn't work out, shall I leave him now or still try to talk to him? I've never seen him act like this, it's like he's turned into a control freak! I never wanted to end it as I know inside he is a good person just in a bad place but he couldn't leave me alone when I asked for space and consistently was horrible to me to the point where I felt I had to end it.


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  • My opinion he turned into a control freak and doesn't want to see you with anyone else, its better to end it now n block him or it might end up bad for you. If he keeps following n stalking u then file a restraining order against him. He is starting to become dangerous and its not ok or safe for him to act like this. Its. Will be very bad a third time if u leave so dont let it get to that point.


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