Am I right? Or is he a cheater?

We were perfect for each other. After some time because of some long distance he started ignoring me then we broke up , now I miss him like hell. After two months we met and shared a worm kiss. I thought this could be another chance but then one day he called me and we shared quite nice talks but then he said he loved her ex he loves her ex and maybe he will love that bitch. Then he approached me to kiss again but I said no. I knew I love him but then too I said no because he is more into his ex who never even talk to him. Now it's almost an year that we haven't spoken to each other, everyone suggested me to move on. I tried, I tried hard to do every possible things. Sometime I forget him but the other second I miss him. Now it's not a great idea to go back to him because I guess he lost all interest on me. I took all the suggestions to forget him and even tried but why doesn't it work.


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  • How long was that relationship, how long did he wait between breaking up with her to go to you...

    Getting over people is difficult, but I want you to realize that you've wasted 1 year on someone. My advice, if you have pics delete them, his number, delete it, social networking profiles - block them.

    Instead of investing in one man, invest in yourself. Something magical happens when you start to care more about yourself instead of pining after uncontrollable factors

    • Yeah but I did everything like everything I deleted his number but I remember his number, I blocked him but then I unblocked, I deleted his picture but then I saw him in tagged pictures. I don't know how to deal with it. I hit pillows I hit on everything. I improved myself. But whenever I see even his little glimse it makes me miss every moment I've spent with him.

    • What I'm going to say is going to be harsh, painful, and possibly untrue.

      With that said...

      Put this idea in your head, he used and manipulated you for his own personal gain and amusement. You meant nothing to him and he doesn't care about you. To him you are nothing, if he cared he would reach out, he most likely forgot your name. Move on

  • How did you try to forget and move on? What forbids you from moving on? What was so grear in him?

    • I don't know. But I tried everything

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