Ex fiancé deceived me for months with married man?

I'm 35 and fiancée is 38.
We got engaged last September in ibiza.
I found out over the new year that she had been having an affair with a work college who is 53 married and has 2 young kids.
He also got caught and had been thrown out.
I had no idea this was going on and had devastated me terribly, she says she had fallen out of love with me a while back even as far back when i proposed, she admitted to decieving me all the time and said she should of broke up with me first so she could pursue this man but she didn't she got a thrill out of what she has been doing, the thing is we were still having sex and we were still very affectionate till Christmas.
To have my heart played like that is deeply hurtful and i'm still trying to get over her now but it is still so fresh and i do love her still?
I forgave her but she did not want to know and is now with him, they work together and now live together already.
She has changed her number because i insisted on having answers and doesn't want to see me as she has 'moved on' ?
My question is do you see this lasting and do you think she will regret what she has done? She says she no longer feels that way about me and doesn't love me but is she just infatuated mode?
She hasn't even grieved for our relationship and just doesn't care the damage she has caused!
Nobody can understand why she has done this as we had a loving relationship and had the same goals... this guy has been married 3 times already and had the snip!! It's unbelievable!
Her friends do not approve either, surly this will have an effect?
Also what the man must be thinking knowing he is now with her.. surly he didn't want this and has to much to lose?
Any advice guys and girls?



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  • Sometimes people actually won't regret what they've done and thats the shitty thing however don't expect her to come crawling back, if anything she did you a favour if, if neither of you wants to change and work it out then its really hopeless. I don't know exactly why she is infatuated with this man that she cheated on you with however it may not last but it could.

    • I did forgive her and wanted to work it out but she is just in fantasy world and just doesn't care...
      The thing is I know what she is like with her jealousy issues, she won't like the fact that he will have to go to his wife and see the kids! Every week. I don't think she has the mental capacity for it.
      I think he is possibly still in love with his wife and kids and he doesn't really want her... he has been married 3 times already, why she thinks she is the one for him is beyond everyone!
      Wonder how long it will last?

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    • Well let me tell you.. she couldn't even bare me to look at another women who she thought was more attractive than her..(in her head) whether that was in the TV or out and about.
      His wife is 40 and she is stunning!
      They just got caught and now they've been pushed together..

    • Sometimes people change and correct the things they did wrong in their past relationship in their present relationship. I use to be crazy jealous but now I learn to control that with my current partner.

  • Best advice is to let her go and find someone else. She obviously did not care for you at all which is why she is back with the other guy. She isn't worth it because she'll do it again if you guys get back together


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