What is your suggestion for what I'm going through?

How do I deal with it? A 2 year and 2 month relationship. Done, thrown away, trashed forever. He promised me over and over again that he wouldn't leave me and 6 days ago, he did, again. The 1st time was when I got mad at him for leaving a conversation, realizing he couldn't help anymore, and I crossed too many lines that I shouldn't of. I even apologized, so many times. He gave me another chance, so I did my best to keep it. A week later, he told me it's time to move on. Apparently my apologies weren't accepted, and I've been LIED to. He's ghosting out on me. I keep trying to have a friendly conversation with him, not asking any questions, what not, and I don't get a response. This past WEEK I've been saying how horrible my life is, and how close I want to end it. Now it's suspicious that I'm suicidal, but I haven't done anything... yet, but I'm getting so close to doing so. It's not just this one boy who's making me feel this way, it's been other people who've caused it from the past, and I'm done with everything. I'm tired of crying, not being able to eat regularly, talk regularly, feel normal once again. No one is convincing me to stay; the help I'm receiving is not working. I'm not the best person out there. I won't see my 19th birthday. I want to be gone before that.


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  • I'm sorry you are going through a rough time. You should try and see if you can find someone you trust that you can talk to about what is happening. and how you are feeling.

    • I don't get why I should anymore. I've trusted a lot of people, and they yell at me, hurt me even more than usual...

    • Because you shouldn't have to go through what you are going through alone.

    • You are right about that..

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  • Seek counciling. You're only 18, your life has barely started. You have to get a more positive mindset and remember that even if today sucks, with enough effort next week can be a success. Seek out a therapist and tell them about your concerns and struggles. It's not an instant fix but they should be able to help you get a healthier perspective.

    • I would be told that I'm silly for needing a counselor or a therapist... to my family there's "nothing" wrong with me! I'm just "stupid" and can't get it through my head!

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  • Well life is a bitch and you most definitely will get to see good 53 years more.
    You do know that with his exit, hundreds of my kind are zooming creepily at your picture (and your IG feed) wishing they get to comfort you, don't you? And i guess at least 15 of those hundreds are decent enough to be given a chance. Fine. I'm the #15, surprise surprise.
    It's certainly not the end of life. Hang in there. (the picture of cat hanging on the rope meme)


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