Any hope for a 2nd chance?

Me and my ex have broken up in April almost a year ago. Since out breakup we went through many things. We continued to see each other and have sex. It became that. There were times where he would tell me we should stop bc it was not fair to us. We always stopped but always wound up back in the same situation. I do love him very much and do see a future still, but I dont really know. He is trying to get his life together and become stable in a job etc. We had sex on new years and then a week or so later he invited me out to a bar for his cousins birthday as a friend. He said he was not interested in anything else at the moment and asked if i was ok with that. Of course I still want more but tried. There was a break in communication for about a week or so and he started texting me again The other day, He was sorry that things have been busy. Last night I wound up seeing him. I bought him coffee he greeted me with a kiss, we talked a bit him telling me he got a promotion for his summer job which is very exciting but a lot of work thats why so busy. We did have sex and he was very compassionate even after through the night holding me kissing me, cuddling etc. I know the attraction is def still there as he even said it. I am just wondering if there is any hope for this. If there is possibility of relatioship again like once he is more stable etc. In my heart I still feel like something will happen but I just dont know. He is the person I see growing with
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  • As long as you weren't unfaithful to each other, there is a chance. You have to be straight and honest in your communication. You must work out what happened to make it fail. Then you must work out how to put it right, permanently, so it doesn't happen again.

    • We both were faithful to each other and still today all this time after the bu we have not been with other people. The relationship itself was great got along great. He would always tell me how much he fell for me everyday up until the point where he got distant. He was having a hard time finding a job and I believe it played a role in the bu. Its been an up a down road with him changing his mind talking about not wanting anything just yet etc so its confusing at times. Things seem to be looking up with his job etc so im hoping things get better and we can get back together as I feel it happening but you can never know

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    • Thanks I hope so too. I have been there through all this crap and have not given up hope even all the stuff I am put through and his indecisivness. I think that truly shows something. We will see what happens. Thanks!

    • Always welcome!

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