My girlfriend did it again?

Hello everyone i just want some help by the way English is not my first language so i apologize if i make any mistake about grammar just avoid it.

Me and my girlfriend are in a relationship since 3 years maybe more than it. First year i was the domination i was a jerk and acting bad while that she was like an angel then after first year i realized that the way i act was lack of maturity and nonsense. What is the purpose of being evil against someone i am in love and that she loves me back. Then i totally fixed myself against her and as more as i was being good and more while that she was turning evil and it was like we were changing the roles but the things she did, i never was that bad even that first year. And for last 1,5 years she was keep breaking up with me whenever she wanted i always begged her to stop. She blocked me maybe more than 100 times she always avoided me hours and when i tried to communcate with her she blamed me always. At the same time she was keep hanging up on my face all the time we were on phone. I had a god patience like its not even close. İ always carried this relationship. Even i did nothing i apologized always to fix things back. And she always promised me to not do same things again and she always broke it up. She said extremely awful horrible things each time we were fighting. And i swear i am too tired. İ became pathetic and always scared for her to leave me. İ am having a lof of stress already i am having hard times but i never showed her i forced myself and always said that i love her and i always did let her to reach me so easily. İ did these for her to be in peace in her mind. But i am too tired. She always finds excuses and always blames me and never cared this relationship as i did. After the first year she always did this. And we are i fight since a month and i can't handle it i am way tired and i dont know what to do. She never cared of us and me as i did.
Please can someone help me


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  • Get out of the relationship. It appears to be emotionally abusive as she is blaming you but refusing to tell you what is going on. It doesn't appear to be your fault that she is upset. Make sure that she fully understands why you are leaving. You shouldn't have to put up with that kind of treatment.

    By the way, your English is pretty good

    • after the last time she did i started to lose my mind literally and i was keep insulting you are right

    • The faster you get out of the relationship, the sooner you don't have to deal with it anymore

What Guys Said 2

  • Ok, you break up and never call her again. Look for a new girlfriend.

  • Leave her, she has issues


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