My ex boyfriend of 4 years wished me the best. How long does it take to get over someone? How long did it take you to get o er your ex?

I texted him to tell him I accept the breakup. And told him he can become a better the person for his new relationship in the future and I'll be happy for him.

I actually feel opposite haha... but I want to appear strong.

He read and replied with "All the best (my name)"

Its been about 2-3 weeks after we broke up. We were together for 4 years.

Im trying my hardest to find an inner strength to get over him. Knowing that I can't contact him anymore hurts. But thats the way it is. Anyone here were or are in the similar situation? Please share how you coped with it and how you it took ya. Thanks



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  • you need to try your best, you'll get over him at some point. just think about how happy you'll be in the future it works. I've been through the same it gets better 😊

  • Do what you've always done. Fuck his friends.


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