Why exes that dump you and treat you like shit get to move on with their life without remorse?

yeah, I'm that salty guy, my ex dumped me after mistreating me.
it's been 4 months (maybe 5) since she dumped me and wanted to stay friends but i never replied to her texts again because she offended me a lot.

Why exes that do that get to move on like nothing happened? meanwhile the dumpee get to feel angry at times, just judging other people as the same shit-face as their ex, and being label as a crying baby if they dont fully recover, move on and forget about it?

it makes me angry because while i waste my energy feeling like this and its really hard to stop it, she gets to move on really easily since she wasn't HURT ONE FUCKING BIT, life all about parties, fun and fucking whatever she gets and meeting mad dudes in college, that selfish worthless bitch.

Also, i moved to another city so i dont know anyone, so i dont have a social life, I don't have a job and I feel like I graduated college for nothing because every job i've had is a temporary thing and is not even on the filed i majored in.


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  • So really your issue is with yourself. You feel like you haven't done shit with your life. Let me stop you! This is not your ex's fault. Sure it's easy to place blame on another individual for the way something turns out for us. Because taking responsibility and owning our own shit had potential to damage our pride. So I'm here to tell you fuck that shit! Own your shit man. This is your life! Get yourself out of this depression! You need to wake up and own your life! Take control of it once more. Fix the things you don't like within your own self. But baby steps. This is key! Clear your mind of all that negative bullshit. Wrote out your feelings. Burn them. Offer them to someone who's always listening. You are never alone and always heard! You hear!!


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  • hey pal, the most likely reason she was able to move on , is she death with the issue while you two were together and left you in the dark until she split. As for the anger, we have all been there and everyone deals with it in different ways. my suggestion to you is find a way to forgive her for leaving, I know it sounds stupid, but forgive her, and start concentrating on the positive things in your life, start going to a gym or jog or some sort of physical activity, seems stupid, but it will help. and put yourself in a social spotlight, go out by yourself, talk to people along your daily routine, Google singles activity's in your area, focus on the small positive things in your life, the more you focus on the good, the more the good will manifest

    • thanks mate, I tried jogging but its too cold here, can't go to the gym because it is not free and I right now im not able to pay it, I know where you are coming from but man, its been 4-5 months and I just think of her flirting with the guys she made me jealous with or she recorded herself grinding in a party and told me i overreacted when i didn't like her doing that at parties.

      i dont know, she did a lot of fucked up shit to me and made fun of me, I dont know if i could forgive her, Ima start by working out at home, I can't date because it wouldn't be fair for the next girl.

      Girls have it so easy, they breakup and move on in a couple of months like nothing happened.

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    • yeah I can do a 100 of each, I was a calisthenics rat back in my old town.
      and I'm going to look for that video right now, thanks I really appreciate your advice.

    • any time man. fire me a message if you need anything else.

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  • Just learn your lesson and move on. Why you didn't dump here right away when she started treated you like that? A lot of men are too tolerant these days and you know what happens? Woman just plays with that guy and dumps him at the end.

    • she first told me she wasn't so into me anymore and explained to me in such a way that it made me feel as if it was my fault and i was trying to fix things, thats why i got stuck up

  • "yeah, I'm that salty guy"

    Then stop being that guy and don't "yeah" yourself

    • anything else besides the obvious?

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    • no, i think my problem is you can go fuck yourself for being an asshole for no reason.

    • lol go fag somewhere else

  • I am going through a very similar situation and emotion, I only loved and respected my ex and she discarded me like nothing to find a new guy within weeks and then continued to mess me around.. I feel your pain but you need to channel energy elsewhere. There is a great video on youtube called four ways to lose weight it always makes me feel positive when I'm struggling


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