Should I get back with my ex, after a year?

I've been thinking about him, for almost a mouth now and we have been getting on a understanding , I apologized, he didn't . but for some reason I can't get him off of my mind. I think I'm going to ask him on a date , I think I want to get back with him, is this good or bad?


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  • Bad idea.

    It's like having kids, it never works out. (Sorry mom's.) And just kidding. Sorta.

    Here's something we human's do... we obssess about other people because our brains are addicted to solving problems. We LOVE puzzles and we think that if we can figure out why someone acts the way they do we will get a big pay off... like love and affection for example.

    Well here's what's messed up. You start thinking about a guy because he's confusing. He's your puzzle. But after some time, like walking the same path through a jungle, it becomes easier and easier. You wear a path through the dense jungle of your brain and so it becomes a habit to think about him.

    And what happens? You forget why you were thinking about him. You forget that he was just a fun puzzle to think about and eventually you convince yourself that he's on your mind all the time because he's something special. But he's not. He's just a puzzle.

    But guess what? He's not a puzzle worth solving. That's why you broke up.

    When you FORCE yourself to stop thinking about him, the jungle path you've created in your mind will grow over and you'll find it easy to forget about him.

    If you must take a moment to think about why you broke up, and how he's not changed.

    Try to have some self value, and realize that you're worth having the BEST guy possible.

    Don't settle. Don't be sloppy seconds. Don't settle because he's on your mind a lot, that's a terrible reason.

    There is nothing better at helping you forget an ex-boyfriend as meeting a new guy worth getting to know!

    ~ Robby

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  • It isn't a good idea to want your ex back. He could have probably moved on. Are both of you still friends and talking?


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