Should I get back with my ex girlfriend (2 incidents this month)?

1. She left me for another guy. That guy turned out to be a total jerk because he had a girlfriend that he never told her about. They never kissed or anything like that. Just dated. Anyway, she got mad and stopped talking to him then came back to me. We have been going out for three years by the way. She was seeing him for one week after we broke up. RIGHT AFTER.

2. She got extremely jealous of a girl who likes me in my class. She was texting me and got super jealous. She is only a classmate. She also saw her on Facebook and how pretty she was but she is only a classmate. She does like me but we are only friends. She made me block her and stop talking to her and deleted her off snap chat and instagram.

I really love her. Opinions?


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  • To be honest she doesn't sound very nice, she left you for someone else. people make mistakes but that seems a bit too horrible


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  • hold on... she finished with you and then made you block and stop talking to another girl?


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  • you must talk to her in person.


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