Feeling broken about my break up more than 3 months ago?

I seriously cannot move on. I've had longer relationships where i moved on easily after a month or even a few weeks. This break up has seriously broken my spirit, my heart and everything else about me. Im constantly depressed, constantly feeling angry and i can't stand being at work. Everything is very hard for me. My ex and i were together 2 years and he suddenly ended things without explanation over text. We had a fight that day but he told me how much he loved me and that our relationship was stronger because we worked this out by talking, then bailed a few hrs later and he's in his 40s wtf? Im not in a good place emotionally and i can't get any explanation from him. i didn't get closure, i didn't get anything from him. i can't move forward and I still love him with all my heart. Advice?
im also going to post a photo, does this look like a guy wanting to leave a relationship? taken just the weekend before.
advice? i want to know how to reconnect too... if possible and please no "hes an ex for a reason" i do believe in 2nd chances. Feeling broken about my break up more than 3 months ago.?


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  • My condolences. I know what you're going through. I've tried hating the person, blaming them, blaming myself, deleted pictures everything. The only thing that I can do is appreciate the times we spent together, cherish them, and accept that it's possibly over for good, and love the fact I got to experience that feeling with someone. It's hard, it's sucks, but it was worth it.


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  • Think very hard and be honest with yourself. Were there any signs before he left that you may have overlooked? There were signs but maybe you overlooked it or just didn't want to know. So lets say that if u do give him a 2nd chance. How do you know that he will not do the same thing twice? He vanished and left you. That shows to me that he is took you for granted. Meaning he see that you are head over heels for him, and that him leaving and just returning back in your life... you will overlook. He will contact you again, trust me. Im sorry but I have been in a lot of relationships where I have loved the guy very deeply but something like this vanishing off is something that annoys the heck out of me. I had this done to me several times, and then the guy would pop up expecting me to just be available for him. No explanation of what happened. Nothing. I understand how much you really love him and want to be with him and how much you miss him dearly but this my dear is something that you should not turn a blind eye to. This is the time where you can use all your strength inside of you to pick yourseld back up. You can grieve but remember this also... there is no guarantee that relationships will last forever. None.

    • I had no indication that he was unhappy, or that he didn't love me etc. he was even loving towards me when i left that day even aftee our fight. I don't know what happened. its baffling. i find it hard to believe he'll be back though... but im desperately wanting closure so i can heal and move on.

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