Guys, how do you know if a guy is letting you down easy?

I have been dating someone for over two years, he seems to want to help me out. But he says stay close to me all the time. He helps me quite a bit with food and money because it is paycheck to paycheck for me. And I can't afford to move. I have a good job, but it's to hard for me alone. lately he sounds sometimes when he talks on the phone, like we just met. like Ill just drop by to say hello. and I said say hello? aren't we going to spend some time together? and he said of course you have to read between the lines. I hope he is not trying to get distant. Or is seeing someone else. He said If I was going to fool around on you I would not tell you. You will have to figure it out for yourself. He also said one time that I am to suspicious for him. What does that mean. I hope you can answer some of my questions. Thanks,


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