What are ways to get rid of stress and depression?

My life has been super rough ( last year and the year before that, for the past three years and counting) and beginning of this year. So its now starting to catch up to me and im really starting to give up after trying for so long. I've dropped out of college twice, got out of an abusive relationship and horridly ended up pregnant by him. And moved to kentucky and there was a bad family fall out then i was estatic to move to georgia with my bestie but sad i came here with nothing not even my own car. And before i can really prosper in this state. My babys father all of sudden wants joint custody (but when i was in indiana HE BARELY WAS EVER FUCKING THERE AND NEVER WANTED TO KEEP HIS SON FOR NO WEEKEND LET ALONE 24 HOUR PERIOD) then when he comes to visit king he always begging for sex which makes me wonder if he ever is really there to visit king. Im all the way in another state ain't got settled in no money to go to indiana for no joint custody case. It was relieving my stress coming out here and moving faaaaar away from family and just getying a fresh start but now this joint custody court case is pissing me off. Why wait til im faaaar away to mysteriously desire joint custody when u barely took your son when we was in indy. And how is this joint custody gone work when im still breastfeeding? Who is going to commute to get my child? Cause im not bringing him to indy i didn't file for joint custody. This asshole is 46 and highly unstable.


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  • I'm in a similar state where the last few years have just been awful. Though not nearly to your level. I have had freind's betray me, bosses use me, and all of my freinds are unreliable.
    The best way I found to get rid of stress is to find an active activity and just enjoy doing it. When your doing your sport or hobby just focus on that. Take a few hours and forget your worries for a time.
    As for depression I still have no idea what to do about it but just talk with a freind that you can trust. It is hard when everything is filtered through that terrible shroud.

    • Thanks for MHO
      Good luck dealing with your stress and depression.

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  • Meditation will solve both problems and dozens of others as well. It only takes 20-30 minutes per day and it's free. It'll take some practice though if you have never done it before


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