Girls, I've been messaging a member here nearly 2 months from northeast and we were connecting, then all of a sudden, she blocked me. Why could it be?

I don't understand what happened and it bugs me. Anybody have any clues? I would like to know why we didn't have the courtesy to even inform me why. Any input would help.


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  • You frightened her, and she is underage! Leave her alone!

    • @juicyjessie
      How would you know what age she is?

      And if she's on g@g, she is on with the big dogs. Anything should be open game. Else g@g shouldn't allow it.

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    • I know the answer to that!

    • @juicyjessie
      She rarely sees him, yet said she's unsure if we'd work out. Do you even know my name?
      11 was the answer. She doesn't want any and said 1 at the most. She doesn't even like kids and she's a freaking female. That's insane to me when women have wombs that supports conception.

  • You have a problem with people blocking you it seems. But that is part of gag I have even gotten blocked.

    • @RicanEyes
      I have a problem with people who quickly resort to blocking and never unblock and later give them a chance at redemption. It is okay to use it if it is no other way but not as a first result due to anger or hatred.

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