Keeping in contact with a ex?

A while ago I made a mistake and bought a phone for my Ex. Found out She uses the phone to talk to other men. And I told her I didn't care but I did I still had feelings for her but I knew it will never work because I don't trust her. Since she came back into my life she has been on my mind everyday. She was keeping in contact because she was supposed to pay me back but now it's like I don't even care anymore. She called yesterday and said she would call me back but didn't. So I called her yesterday when I got exiting news and she rushed me off the phone and told me she was going to see her friend, it was like she could care less. I was driving and saw her a few minutes later and called again but she didn't answer or return my call. I still have her back it feels like she never has mine. Now I just feel like never speaking to her again and just saving my energy because I feel like I'm wasting it. What do you think?


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  • you should forget about her and move on.


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  • Don't take get back dude...


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