So, my ex boyfriend dumped me and only wants me now that I have moved on?

My boyfriend dumped me, I was really upset about it for a while and called him and tried to stick around in the hopes that he would take me back. After several months of this I smartened up, and didn't want to be a part of his life any more. Low and behold, months later he wants to talk to me. WHAT GIVES? Why couldn't he have appreciated me or wanted me when I was available to him?


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  • Because it's apart of that, We all want what we can't have... Because you were avaliable to him, he didn't want you. Human nature.

    When you know you can't have something, you want it.

    Kinda like when he left you, you still wanted him. Now that you can have him, you don't want him...


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  • u don't know what you have til its gone...pretty simple. I hope yur smart enough to close the door on him completely.

    • You don't believe in second chances?

    • Oh there's room for second chances in not denying any chance of that...but you said you moved on, and sometimes its just good to do exactly that

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  • Well he lost you, and he probably didn't noticed how much he wanted you and still loved you until then. Life is like that...


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