Scared about falling for my ex again?

I have been meeting up with my ex who broke up with me to cuddle and have sex etc for about a month. He promised me that if he wasn't doing this he would be 100% single anyway - i think he just wanted our relationship but without the commitment and the burden of relationships (we're only 18 so its understandable). I kind of like this other boy that's helping me to move on from him and when Im with my ex im not even that much into him, but I look really forward to our times togetherr (he says he does as well). Its making me much happier talking to him and meeting up with him rather than mourning over him oveer our break up like I was doing. If im happier shouldn't that be a good thing? but i dont want to get hurt. I won't see him in 4 months cause he is moving to australia so i thought i might as well. i dont want to cut off all contact from him. it makes me miserable, i can't go out with my friends because he is in the friendship circle. i feel like he craves me too. i dont know what to do. is it really that bad to continue on?


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  • unfortunately, you don't know what you want, and that makes you give others the chance to take advantage of you. (big mistake.
    the problem is that you want to see that relationship as you hoped or expected... which mean continuing doing the same thing gives others the ability to control your emotions ( up or down).
    you should know that no one is stopping you from move on except (you).

    take your time to heal, and space to know what do you want... and never care so much about what you lost in the past, work on your future.
    Good luck...


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  • You won't heal until you fully let go, and you won't be able to give yourself to someone else until you do, but I understand where you're at. Your feelings/emotions will only grow for him the longer you keep doing this.
    Sort of a tough call, since he is moving in a few months. The easy choice is to keep doing what you're doing until he's gone, but it isn't the healthiest. I don't recommend continuing this with him. You might really like the other guy if you give your attention to him, but you'll definitely find someone you'll love one day. Surely you can find a way to spend time with friends that don't require him being there too?

    Besides, being single isn't so bad. You can focus on learning to love yourself and working towards your goals. That's where true happiness come from, not someone you need to depend on to make you happy.

    • I am single even if im with him, so i can flirt with other boys etc, but i definitely dont want to be tied down in a relationship anyway!

    • I think you've already made up your mind.

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  • friendship with an ex is not a really good idea.. be it friendship or friends with benefits.
    If u like the other guy.. its better to forget the ex and start something afresh.
    long distance thing teaches u to love urself 1st for a healthy relationship the.

  • It's bad for your personal growth. break ups strengthen us. You are afraid to rip off the band aid.

    • I have already gone through the agony of the break up 3 months, ripped off the band aid pretty hard. I feel like there's nothing left in me to be sad for this boy anymore. It just is what it is

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    • You initially wrote "scared about falling for my ex again" im basing my advice on that.
      Additionally you wrote she 18 so I assumed high school was over. Now you say you're 17.
      good luck to you and him.

    • He's 18 I am 17. And yes that's the title but there is a lot of description there

  • Don't do it. It's a trap


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