My boyfriend and I broke up and I moved away, now he is in constant contact, not sure what to think?

My boyfriend and I broke up in December (he decided he wanted freedom to be able to do whatever he wanted to do whenever he wanted) and we lived together still for another month before I decided to move 500 miles away to my hometown. It upset him when he found out I wasn't going to stay in the city, not sure why, since this is what he wanted. I moved last Sunday, and a few days later my ex started texting me to see how work was, tell me to drive safe if it's raining, and basically texting me all day. He hasn't texted me quite like this since years ago when we were first dating. He has said that he misses me and that there are things he thought he would enjoy being single that he doesn't now (like having the bed to himself and the TV). He also wants to meet up somewhere in the next couple months and wanted to make sure he was going to go to the same event I am in June. I really didn't expect this and I really don't know what to think.


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  • Hmmmm... I'd cut contact. You're giving him a safe blanket. Of he truly missed you he'd say come back. There's no gray only black and white. You've moved. Its done. Ignore him and if he asks why you are tell him he made his own bed. Until you hear the words "I want you back" you'll just be giving these guy an "I'm ok" pass. He'll know he can live life and still have you in his. Ignore him. Good luck!


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