Can I stop this breakup?

I have been dating this girl for over two years now. We're both seniors in high school, but we go to different schools. Anyway, we've had a rocky past two months. We've fought a lot, and our communication has really gone down the drain lately. I have been questioning this relationship and thinking about breaking up with her a lot recently. I planned to end things civilly, so I decided to take her out to lunch this past Sunday and end things then. Something funny happened to me though. I had a dream Sunday night about her, and it reminded me of why I fell in love with her in the first place. When I went to lunch with her Sunday, she was very nice to me, nicer than she has been in recent memory. I knew then that I couldn't do it; I knew I couldn't break up with her now. In the course of a day all the anger I felt toward her these past couple months evaporated. I decided to try to rebuild communication and prevent an inevitable breakup. I texted her later that day after I had dropped her off at her house. I admitted that our relationship had gone poorly recently, and I told her all my concerns. She apologized for her actions that contributed to us getting to this state, and I likewise apologized for mine. After what seemed like we had made up she texts me, "So does this mean you want to breakup?" I told her that I was talking to her to prevent that. Then she said, "Maybe we should end things soon if we're going to break up. I think this relationship has run its course." This caught me off guard because I thought that we had just made up, but she seems set on ending things. I told her that if we were going to end things, we should end the relationship in person, not over text. I said we could pick up this conversation the next time we saw each other in person. We have ceased texting since. I'm going to see her in person in just two days, and I want to know if there's anything that I can do to prevent this breakup now. I would really like to reconcile things if I can.


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  • She wants out and you should respect that.


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