Do you think people have the wrong idea of love in today world?

Unconditional love never goes away.
Conditional love can.
It is up to us to know the difference.

many people have told me if you still got any left over feeling for a ex then your not supposed mentally wrong. am not joking i have been told this more then once lol. 1


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  • love has different meaning for evey person

    • even if the person says they love everyone's they meet then after meeting someone new says they never love the first person every time? how is that in any way love?

    • yeah I have seen that many times in my life, because they think that the feeling they feel is love

    • i guest so then

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  • Yeah. They think they know everything, and don't even consider the advice of others. I don't think there is only one "right" idea of love, but there is a lot of arrogance and know-it-all-ism. Some people claim that a love for kids is stronger than romantic love, I don't think that's true, but that's just my opinion.


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  • Unconditional love is a myth

    • not really my girlfriend wants me to be happy even if it not with her. that is unconditional love when i had nothing she stayed with me still.

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    • lol d i c k h e a d b y e b i t c h

    • Are you trying to insult me by calling me generic names? If you want to see those things, go look at your parents. Learn how to use your brain, it's not always easy, but it's usually worth it. Now I'm curious as to why you felt it was necessary to space all those big words out, is it because it's easier for you to sound them out?

  • Unconditional love is for your kids. Romantic love is always conditional.


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