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So a girl I was dating for a year or so breaks up with me saying she's not happy, obviously I didn't want to break up but if she's really not happy I'm not gonna stop her from leaving. After a few weeks she texts me saying I was an asshole cause I let her breakup with me and didn't even try to make her change her mind... What? Do any of you girls understand that or I'm just being dumb?


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  • You're not dumb. She just saw what she lost and wants u back. She broke up with you because maybe she wanted attention


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  • Tell her to feck right off and that you are glad she is out of your life. What an immature and ridiculous thing to text someone. She's feeling stupid because you didn't beg for her to stay in your life and when she discusses the situ with her girlfriends, she can't say to them, "Yes girls, he begged me back but I stood firm and told him where to go !" Its one in the eye for her and she realies it, hence the language of the text.

    • Yeah sounded like I was in middle school all over again but hey maybe she had a point that I wasn't seeing. Thanks for your input!

  • she wants you to not easily give up on her and to fight for her.

    • And her way to tell me that is to say she's not happy with me and that she wants to break up with me? It really makes no sense in my head

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    • Yeah I figured. Well thanks for your input!

    • you're welcome :)

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