Has anyone ever "sexed" an ex back into a relationship?

My ex and I split up three months ago, we can't talk about anything regarding our relationship without it blowing up, but...

We can go out on "dates", and usually spend the night together every couple of weeks, and have the time of our lives.

This was a long-term relationship, and we've known each other and dated for 27 years.

So the big question, is this a positive thing? Or is she just keeping busy until the next guy comes along?


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  • After 27 years why are you guys not married?

    • Well, it hasn't been a consistent relationship with the exception of the last five years, but the last five years have been for practical reasons, I needed to buy a home for our family, but my credit was rough, and hers was totaled, so the best approach was to buy alone, and I couldn't marry her afterward due to her debt issues.

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    • Well see if she will accept the conditions. I'm no sure I understand what a kept woman is but it sounds horrible. lol

    • Lol. Same as a stay-at-home-mom, except the kids are grown. But if she's willing to cook, clean, do the bills (including me😂), and not complain about being broke, I'll take it.

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  • Nope haven't

    • For a lack of trying?

    • not interested in that

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