When do people have a stick up their butt when it comes to ex's?

ex's is like the new thing if they are a ex then they are a ex for a reason never ever date them agin... people say it never ever.
my personal take on this is a large % of people saying this are people who don't think and get back with someone who A cheated on them B use to abusive them in someway weather it be physical or mental abusive. see i love giving advice here on gag and every one i take too had the same story. i got back with someone who cheated on me or use to abuse me in someway. i find that very very very few people got back with a ex that was a good reason. what do you think? what are some good reason to date a ex agin? and what are some bad reason to date a ex agin?


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  • I used to say that whole 'they are an ex and once we break up I'll never get back with him again.' But then I got my first boyfriend and he's break up with me all the time. Within our 3 months of being together he broke up with me 4 times haha. He was an manipulative and mentally abusive person. He made me believe and he actually said this 'you'll be awkward no matter who you date. You're always going to be this way and you can't change it.' The way and tone he said it made it seem like he was the best I was going to get because although he doesn't like it he stands it. He would say stupid things like that all the time. So the only reason why I kept going back was because I believed he was the only person that would date me because I had all these messed up 'issues' in me.

    I then started dating this new guy for two months. He was completely awesome we got along greatly and everything the only issue was he gotten out of a long relationship and was still going through the whole break up stage with that relationship. He told me he can't love or care for anyone atm. So he broke up with me. He said I was perfect and blah blah. So if he's ever ready and we still talk I'd 100% date him again. Because if that was our relationship of him not being able to be there for me then a relationship where he is there for me would be incredible.

    I personally feel like the only time you and an ex should get back together is if the break up was a clean one. One with no arguments or horrible name calling. When to not get back with an ex would be when they are this abusive person or a cheater. If they break up with you simply because something about you're personality is annoying or you have different interests.

    • am sorry to hear that it sounds like your ex was a ass hole but also someone you should have known never to date agin. every person i have spoke to has a story that is some what like yours or different. i agree with you most but don't rule out anyone who turned into a ass because of a break up or left you for some dumb ass reason. depending on what the reason was. like something they did think you would meet them down the meet with or because of others getting into your relationship.

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  • I agree... I don't get it... they are ancient freaking history.

    • you do known what i mean right?

    • I just don't care what an ex thinks.

    • ok...

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  • I have a stick up my butt because I feel like my exes didn't care enough about me to make an effort to stay together. Kinda hurts being told someone loves you but only at their convenience.

    • and that's the sad world we leave in today, which is mostly because people were raised to believe in a fairy tail relationship thanks to tv. but hopefully you don't mean a ex that cheated or abuse you.

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    • Yeah. That is what my mom tells me. She also tells me I'm very mature for my age and to take a chill pill.

    • she right then agin am old only by 7 years😂 but yea we really dont known what we want when we are young even more so if we haven't date many girls

  • I don't shove a stick in my butt when I think about me ex... I don't know what you're talking about.


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  • Yeah. the same issues will be there. People break up for a reason. I NEVER.. have EVER had any communication with exes. I move on. Hell, i've slept with someone new a week after a break up.

    The only advice I ever give is... move on!

    • sound advice but can you explan to me why some of the people i have spoke to our married to a ex with no problems at all?

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    • yes and that's what am saying their are exceptions. but most people choice very bad reason to date a ex agin... known its a bad idea but do it anyway. i got a friend who dated her ex agin after he left her with 2 died baby. why would you get back with someone who wasn't their for you when you were having his kid?

    • No way in that situation

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