I am really tired please people?

Hello i am 23 years old and my girlfriend is 28 we are in a relationship since more than 3 years she was like an angel the first year but i was mysterious i needed long time to adopt then i totally did set myself free and showed pure love and attention whenever she wanted i was always able for her to talk or even i had stress and issues on life i never showed her to make her in peace always then in time she totally changed she always broke up with me over every fight and created fights from no reason generally i always begged her to make up even i did nothing i always begged and apologized and for 1,5 years whenever she wanted she blocked me she avoided me and hanged up on my face then she said extrmely awful words but i was always there but last time i told her my patience is exhausted and begged her to handle me it was 2 months ago and for 1,5 months we are in fight for no reason it appeared i begged her but she kicked me away i couldnt control my anger with exhausted patience i got mad and called her a whore lack of maturity honor and loyality but i am human and she always promised me to not do same things she always broke her promises up i am blocked since a week and everyday i sent her messages i am extremely sad but i want things to be fixed what should i do and we are far i can't always reach her easily we are in different cities


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  • It's a very long text, and skimmed through... Try to feel for yourself if a person gives or takes energy from you.
    If she doesn't try, then you shouldn't try etc.

  • I think u guys are completely complicated... First u guys need to talk and make some conclusions


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