How would I get this girl back?

Long story short after the break up, I gave her some space and about a week to cool off and think..

A week later I contact her but never mentioned to her that I missed her or anything of that nature and she was thankful that I reached out, even said "thank you for this talk"

The following two days later I reach out again and it went even better! This time towards the end of the night she mentioned to me how she misses me and it caught me off guard! So I tell her I feel the same and we end the night

.. now this is where everything gets weird, the day after that I said goodmorning and we're talking happy as usual, but I have a sense that she feels dumb for opening up to me the night before because today she seems a bit drier then usual with the text, so I tell her hey is okay if I reach out to you later? And she says yes it's okay (: ... so 6 hours later I reach out and she replies with "I don't think we should be friends, I get too attached to you and I don't want too" so I proceed to ask "what's wrong with being friends"...

I regret ever asking this becuase she starts bringing up our past how bad I would treat her, how I would come home and argue w her, how I didn't let her really do much, how I was just a bad person, And so we argue as I'm trying to let her know things will be different and she completely stops opening my messages and ignores me. (Back to square one)

Finally the following day after that, I try to apologize for the argument and tell her "whenever your ready to talk I'll be here (:"

And she replies "pls leave me alone I'm going to ask you once" and I reply with "alright I will give u what u want, peace" .. and haven't spoken to her once after that last message.. it's been about a week and 2 days since we last spoke.. what do u suppose I do to get this girl back? The feelings are still there I know it Forsure. I just know she's scared to fall back in love and get hurt all over again after giving me so many chances..


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  • Maybe she shouldn't date you again though.

    • She said in the past that all she wants is to see me change and this whole time apart made me realize what she was referring too.

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  • Give her some more time.. u don't give up on her at all.. things would turn into ur favor.. but it's gonna take some time.. good luck

    • Man thank you! I know she'll come back because this girl was head over heels for me, like really really in love w me.. I was her first love and the first guy she ever had done it with. So I know the feelings are still there.. I just been working on the best me possible so when she does come back, I know how to trust her this time around and express my love for her

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    • Do u think it would be dumb of me to reach out only after a week?

    • don't reach out too early.. become unpredictable.. she has figured you out.. so no matter you take time , she will not listen to you unless she herself miss u.
      Make her realize what she's gonna miss.. Post a few sexy pictures of yours on social media with a beautiful frnd.. Jealousy comes in handy here

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