How long does it take to get over a 3 year relationship?

I've been broken up with my ex for almost 2 months we dated for 3 year but it seems like she's doing perfectly fine so I'm curious do you think she's over me? I also heard she's talking to a new guy last time I talked to her was like a month and I asked her why she was talking to other guys she said cause she was hurt but it's been a month now and she's still talking to him my question is do you guys think she's over me or its a rebound relationship?


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  • Depends on the person, some people easily move on, others do not

    • True bust she's posting like she's so happy on social media

    • She might be over it then

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  • Oh well, it is not so straight-forward. In my experience that's how love works for at least one of the parties of a non-working relationship. It's usually a "I don't love him/her, but I try to force my mind thinking that I do because it is actually more convenient" policy. Rather shitty, uh? I experienced that both passively and actively, and when I did it I realized only in the end that I did exactly what I had received before.
    Although all of this shit often it is a matter of habit. You get used to stay with the other person and your schedule, your routine models itself consequently. It doesn't matter if you haven't ever really loved the other person, 3 years create a link that can't be easily destroyed. A link composed of habit and love (in the general meaning, not necessairly "love love"). So I do not think 2 months made the thing. Unless the "forgetting-process" started during the relationship.
    Now the things should be 3
    1) Hard one. You really love her, she really loves you, but something confused her, case in which you'd have to grab thy princess and win life.
    2) Most probable. She applied the reasoning above descripted and she is now trying to find someone else or started some kind of relationship with someone else that made her conscious of not loving you (not necessairly because she loves him/her) (in this case she probably wants you the farthest possible as an ex-boyfriend)
    3) Somewhat probable. You applied the reasoning above descripted and she realized that it was bad for her to continue this relationship because your hypotetical not loving her burned her inside. You have a little chance to have her confused so you could do whatever you want. The bad thing is that in this case you'd be a shit if you kept make her suffering.

    Now you can realize that I can't know it better than you do. Unfortunately life is different from case to case, but experiences can be a good guideline, so you can use mine if you need.
    (English is not my first language, I apologize for errors and so on)

  • There is no set time frame. You over it when you over it.


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