Was I clingy after the break up?

So I walked out on him during a big fight so i called it quits. A few days later, I contacted him to tell him what i couldn't say. I didn't mention anything about getting back together but I just wanted to end things on a good note. A week later, I had an emotional break down so I texted him if he wanted to get back together. I didn't receive a response so 2 days later I sent another text asking if he received my text. After I received no response I didn't text him for a good month but I sent an apology text in which he replied to.. but I didn't reply to his response cause by then I was apologetic for my actions in the relationship but I was done sorting through my feelings. I'm just curious if I was perceived Clingy by my ex. What do you guys think?


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  • I think you wanted to learn from it and closure, it is normal to want to understand and want to talk through it

  • How long were yous together?


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