How do I talk to a ex who just keeps staring at me?

I don't know what to say to my ex she has a boyfriend yet stares at me all the time... it a little creepy. i normally don't pay her any mind but i have turned away a few times to pay for somethings or talk to someone then she will turn towides where ever i am but not say a word.


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  • It doesn't really matter if she's just staring, but if it bothers you that much then tell her so, but it's kind of trivial. Just ignore her, she can look at whoever she wants.

    • i got a funny look from a cashier when i was with my friend. i didn't known why the cashier give me a funny look till i walked out of the store. my friend told me my ex had turned around and was looking at me while i was paying for my stuff. lol truest me this is the usa she can look at who ever she wants and yes it small but it world. my friend said she was turning towides where ever i was. so am asking what should i say to her? we were friends before we dated

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    • How else will you know why she's looking at you? Only she knows, so if you want to know, then ask, instead of guessing or asking strangers.

    • i guest I'll ask her... i guest it just feels odd because she a ex

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