Broke up, now what?

Well, I finally broke up with my girlfriend today. I was cold as hell too. Had all her stuff packed in my trunk, threw it in her car, and drove off. We had lunch, at her behest, and then the same tired ass like came out of her mouth about her ultra high expectations and how she's not an ungrateful brat. Then she tried bashing me for some petty bs I did this week and brought up how some guy from her past wasn't relevant. by the way if you don't remember she got a text from some guy named magic **** (on her phone) a month into dating, told me nonchalantly that he was just a friend she hooked up with once (he asked her in the text if she wanted to hook up, simple af which leads me to believe it was an ongoing thing) then was surprised I had a problem with it. Listen, I didn't plan on marrying this girl so I'm not asking for a virgin, but having a fk buddy is a deal breaker. Buuuut I went out with her for three more months trying to be a good guy, but it wasn't the same and she knew it. That's why she turned to a nut. So my question is: what do I do now?
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  • Leave a window for her to get back together (since I'm comfortable if not happy)
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  • Be single for a while, don't rush into another relationship just cause.. if you weren't going to marry her why even be upset she had another guy on the side? Why date someone you don't see yourself with in the long run? Honestly you both wanted each other's time. You need to stay single until you're ready to have a real relationship with someone.


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