Should I stay or go?

I started dating this guy two years ago. Unbeknownst to me the first year we were together he saw and slept with numerous other women. All the while in which he has told me I was the love of his life and he wants to marry me etc. I caught on to his web of lies he got rid of his other partners and had a come to Jesus meeting with me. He asked me to forgive him and said he'd never hurt me again, couldn't live without me that he was very much in love with me. Being crazy about him I forgave him. a year later he's made good on his promise except one of his ex girlfriends and he continue to have conversations via text and phone calls. He says she's just a great friend whom he loves but by no means is he in love with her that he's in love with me. Meanwhile this woman emails me and says hurtful things to me. She actually asked me how I'd feel if he was at her place Fu**ing like rabbits one weekend how would I feel? Seems to me that she's just hanging in the background so if my boyfriend and I break up she'll be first in line. She also trys to meet him and doesn't invite me so as she put it "can laugh and play with him without me being there to make sure nothing inappropriate is going on." She also told me she is in a relationship with and loves my boyfriend and is attracted to him and that they would be having sex but don't out of respect for me. Apparently they both think it's not inappropriate to have the relationship they have. Any time I've mentioned to him the things she says to me he acts like I'm an idiot for being upset about it that he's in love with me etc. Regardless their constant communication feels hurtful to me. I'm guessing it wouldn't had she not been one of his former lovers. He swears that he's not cheating or acting inappropriate with her. I feel like it's an emotional affair he has with her. Time to walk away? Am I over reacting? He spends all his time with me but she always knows what's going on.


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  • Hi - Seems to me that he's not worth the trouble - why? he has no respect for you and he says he loves you - if he did he would confront the other women in-front of you and put her straight. Also I don't care how much of friends he is with his ex-girlfriend - he should not be receiving any form of contact from her - that's why they are called ex's. The way I see it they are both messing with your head - he's a cheating and lying waste of space, and she sounds psychotic. You don't need that in your life and ultimately he will show his true colors again. Just walk away - you seem like a really nice patient caring person - you need someone who will reciprocate. Good-luck.


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  • umm can you tell me what f**cking like rabbits means? is it frequency or style?

    ( a guy said that about him & his ex & I want to know what it means...)

    As for the guy, I'm sorry about the disrespect.

    If e knows how she is talking to you he should stop her contacting you, out of consideration to u.

    He could give her an ultimatum, if you don't stop we not friends.

    As for them being friends, you have to hope he doe not, you can't sensor peoples friendships, it will cause resentment, & break apart ANY relationship.

    g -luck :)

    • F**cking like rabbits - means having non stop sex

    • Ohh, you,mean like the same session, multiple times, like 5 times at once or just like everyday?

      Does it have anything to do with style, like the WAY you have sex,or just that you repeat it?

      Like is it "f******" or is it just lots of sex?

      :) Thank you

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