How long would you wait?

how long would you be willing to wait to sleep with your girlfriend/boyfriend if they were not ready to?

Also how long do you think is a good amount of time to wait? IE 2 months etc.


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  • I really come down to both party. Time don't matter cos if force anything it would not last forever.

    Alway think of how it would effect if you slept with him not being happy or you not happy.

    From what I been through relationship I took my time and when time is right you will know it .

    Good luck , make your decision wisely.


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  • No time for me. Sex is important to me for a relationship, and would leave if it wasn't offered. The longest I've waited was 2 weeks, and then I found out she was a virgin and not ready, and then I left.

    • Aaah...the beauty of Australian men...

    • Honesty is the key sweet cheeks :D

      But this is only relevant to me, it's not a rule for all guys.

  • A couple of years..


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