Does my ex want me back?

Months ago he dumped me because he said he stopped liking me. He switched to my lunch and I was about to sit down when he stands up from a distance and was moving his mouth (talking to friends) then he stops and stares at me. We hold eye contact without smiling. I didn't even realize he was looking at me. Does he want me back? Did he stand up because he wanted me to see him? He had been ignoring me for months.


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  • He dumped you with a stupid excuse and now it seems like he wants you back.


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  • He dumped you and you are hurt. Also, There is this awkward eye contact with him which is affecting you daily. He dumped you and he holds no value for you in his life so this false hope that be wants you back is just you being in denial that he dumped you. Stop waste your time on him and move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • Nope. Just don't waste time thinking about.


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