Why does my ex insist on being friends after our breakup?

We dated for 5 months and weren't friends before. At the BU she said "id like to be friends." I declined since she said she wanted space and had confused feelings towards me.

that happened back in October. Recently my dad passed away and she popped up again and showed up to the wake crying (she never met him). She said she wanted to catch up. I didn't take her seriously and brushed it off but a week later she texted me again about it.

I asked her intentions and she again said she would like to remain friends. I again politely declined since we weren't friends before dating and from past experience it hasn't worked for me.

My question is, she knew how I felt about the let's be friends thing, yet she has kept bringing it up (she has also sent a few texts and tried to extend and olive branch a few times). We work in the same office so I just politely say hi and keep walking.

why does she keep asking to be friends? She said she wanted space and I've given it to her.


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  • Things are over and you don't owe her friendship or any minute of your time. Just because she's confused doesn't mean she has the right to ask you to sit around and wait for her. At this point you should just block her and go no contact.

    • Well it seems like she made her choice. She only wants to be friends with me now. I told her I wasn't interested now two or three times. Just odd in my opinion

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    • She will ultimately ruin you, she will never want you to be truly happy, she can ignore it all she wants but she still has feelings

    • Just block her and stop thinking about it. She's selfish and she's not worth any time or thought. Move on to better things.

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  • Sounds to me SHE might have commitment problems... she wants to string you along for the moment.

    • Not just for the moment but apparently the past 5 months since she ended it. Been pretty clear since I haven't contacted her outside of saying hi at work. Yet she brings it up right after my dad passed?

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    • And what also made this apparent is she asked me to live with her...

    • Well... if you REALLY want to get rid of her, then make a scene at work about how she is stalking you... I dunno, make something up!

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  • Because people don't want to feel like the bad guy, they don't want to have the feeling of guilt on their shoulder over the break up so to be "friends" will let them sleep better at night.

    • You nailed it, the last girl I dated wanted the same thing, that was the first time I didn't trust my instincts and I regret it. As this former CIA agent said "everyone thinks they are the good guy"

What Guys Said 3

  • She wants you in her life as a beta male follower. Don't buy into it, bruh, stay strong.

    • Like I stated in the question, I told her I wasn't interested in it. She may be trying to genuinely keep me as a friend or like you said just be around so she can boost her ego until the next guy comes along. Either way, not interested. She gave up on me so why stick around?

    • There's no need at all. Women just like collecting male allies/ followers

  • She's keeping you on the back burner for an ego boost if needed.

  • I was in the same boat, she made me feel like an asshole when everything was her fault and all her friends agreed too. Just stay away from her, she can't understand you guys will never be bff's. After her revolving door of boyfriends i met, she unintentionally met a girl I banged years ago and just about fainted. It all became clear to me, so don't fall for it. Get a new job if you have too, having her around will ruin you.
    She will never want to see you with another woman, she won't want you happy. Just cut from your life


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