How to get her back?

got out of a 4 year relationship. it was long distance because we went to different schools. Every free moment she had she would come visit or I would come home to visit her. She lived a very busy lifestyle with her sport and school and training. She never had a chance to really experience college or go out with friends on the weekend. We broke up about a month and a half ago and she said she just wants to hang with friends and have fun and not be so sad about me always having to say goodbye. (I don't have to say goodbye anymore because I'm done with school now but I can see why she still wants to create time for her friends now) About 6 months ago she said she had a crush on a guy but nothing really came of it. We broke up for awhile but we got back together about a month later.

I know she talks to this old crush still and may even still like him now but I was wondering what I need to do to get her back? I am giving her her space and I know she misses me and still has feelings for me. She told me about a week ago she loves me its just she is not in love w me right now and she doesn't want a relationship w anyone for at least the entire summer. I kno I can take the opportunity to go meet new people and what not but what do I need to do to win her back I love her soo much and I kno were meant to be together.

We hung out twice since the break up, as recently as a week ago and we kissed and hugged a lot and even had sex. she said she didn't use me and she did feel something like love again. The next day I contacted her and asked her to just stop playing games and tell me she loves me and when she didn't say those words I got really depressed and I haven't talked to her since because it was a pretty nasty fight, the first fight since the break up. Even if she dates other guys I don't really care I'm willing to hold out for her but since she knows I love her how do I win her back in other ways? how do I even start talking to her again?


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  • hmm well personally idont think she deserves all this and she doesn't deserve any apology imean its obvious that she's a player and she shouldnt have done any of this if she didn't actually love you ! but since you love her so much ithink you should try to make her jealous =P, girlz gets jealous soo fast try flirting with other girlz and make sure that she sees that or even hears about it and also don't try to contact her ever ! don't talk to her unless she start first and make it short so she can see that you already got over her once she get that she's gonna be wanting your attention again ! cz "it's human nature to want what we can't have" so just try ignoring her for a couples of weeks and making her jealous you will see =P

    • Lol I see jealousy could probably work...its just hard for me I'm so used to talking to her everyday and all and she was really my best friend so it makes it twice as hard. But lol she isn't a player she doesn't have game at all I kno she was just confused about things I kinda put her in a awkward postion...i have stopped apologizing for my mistakes and I'm leavin her alone for awhile...thanks though I'm gonna try this jealously thing out and who knows I might find someone better haha

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  • First of all, apologize for the fight and tell her you want to be friends. Friendship is your best bet if she's going to come back to you because that still keeps you in her life. However, live your life and don't turn down opportunities simply because you're hoping she will take you back. You may meet someone even better than her or you may end up back together somewhere down the road, just let nature take its course.


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