Guys, What are the things an ex would do to show that he wants you back or just remain friends?

My ex texted me yesterday. We broke up almost 6 mths ago. He sort of kept saying stuffs like "Do u have a boyfriend now?", "Don't remember for who I was in the last 6 months. Remember me for who I was for the past 8 years." (We were together for 8 years.) He told me his mom asked me about me, and probably misses me. Then told me holiday with his friends was fun but not as great as our holidays together.

We were friendly with each other, but I wasn't over friendly. How do you know if a guy ex wants more or just remain friends from your own experience?


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  • The first question he asked is self explanatory ("Do u have a boyfriend?"). He probably misses all the things you did together, too. 8 years in a relationship with the same person makes it really hard to get over that person


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  • Seems friendly. Seems his mom kind got his memory going about you and he decided to see what you were up to.


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